The Iranian Bundahish from Darmesteter's copy of the MS

Scope and Content

Description: Black hard cover, unruled notebook, with white pages handwritten in ink. Multiple inserts. Identified as West 34 in de Menasce handlist.
Contents: Pp. 1 - 135: "The 'Iranian Bundahish' from Darmester's copy of the MS. TD. belonging to Tehmuras Dinshawji Anklesaria in Bombay, collated in red (above) with his collation of his second MS. DS. as far as p27, l. 20 of this book, and there forward from his collation in his own copy TD. Also collated with TD, Tehmuras' [sic.] own copy of (red pages) whose variants in text are noted in pencil above, and those in collation in footnotes when they are additional alterations" It should be noted that de Menasace gives a detailed description of this manuscript in his list.

  • folios with "Contents of Tehmuras's DS MS. (letter of 27 Oct. 82)" stuck to the cover page
  • folios serving indexical purpose
  • folio with abstract for "Iranian Bundahish XXXIX"
  • several scraps of paper serving as markers
  • scrap of paper from "asst. lib" suggesting "pp. 137 - 202 [of] MS. 34. [is] exerographed" dated: Nov. 10. 1969
  • correspondence between Miss Fell of the Royal Asiatic Society and Kej Barr: postcard from Barr to Fell thanking her for her services with apologies for his tardy response dated: 7.7. 50: letter remarking that "The sample pages of West's Book no. 34 has [been] dispatched 12. 5. '50", Short letter on the Photostat Service and payment from Fell to Barr dated: 12. 5. '50", note card that might have served as a reminder, note card with address of Prof. Barr, receipt from Photostat service. All of these items are from the year 1950 between the Assistant Librarian of the Royal Asiatic Society and Professor Kaj Barr of Denmark.
  • folio with "Persons whose opinions are quoted"
  • a calendar card from December 1896 with calculations corresponding to the Jewish Adar and the Persian Atur