Articles regarding Avesta & Pahlavi Texts by West

Scope and Content

Description: Loose sheets, handwritten in ink and pencil, plus two article proofs with handwritten annotations.

  • Title page "Articles regarding Avesta & Pahlavi Texts by E.W.W. 1869-1896 with Index"
  • Pahlavi letters and compounds occurring in the Pahlavi glossary
  • "Alphabet from Inscriptions on Delhi Column"
  • Inscription from a stone found near Devikapara
  • "A short summary of the texts contained in the old Pahlavi Codex MK"
  • "On the transliteration of Pahlavi" - 2 versions
  • Notes on Zarathustra's doctrine regarding the Soul"
  • "Parsee Prakāsh", handwritten and offprint
  • "Merits of ceremonies, p.212-213"
  • Proof copy for a text concerning the Pahlavi text of the Gāthas with handwritten annotations