Nirangistān in transcription

Scope and Content

Description: White unruled loose folios, handwritten in ink. Identified as West 40 in de Menasce handlist.
Contents: Contents: A short overview on the sources of Nirangistan "(which begins with a portion of the Aerpatistan, the two being two sections of the first thirty of the Husparam), Nirangistan. Transcribed; Translation takes place on the first two pages, and the remaining pages all have the second half of the page empty, awaiting translation.


  • Nirangistan with pencil markings and gap from pp. 2 - 6
  • scraps of paper with "Passages in Niragistan, mentioning the Kadokha", "Indication of my Nir. MS. being independent. . .", "Nirangistan MS. p. 1" with short notes on collation and origins, Table of contents of Aerpatistan and Niranngistan, comparison of Westergaard's Nirangistan with Bombay MS., Beginning of "the Iranian text of the Nirangistan"
  • folio from "the Rivayat of Hemid-i Asavahisthan (?) Pahl. Lit. 50 (Tehmuras's Letter of 1/12/94)", "copied from K41 by D. Anderson".