A Pahlavi-English glossary with full references to Dẽnkart Bks VII-IX

Scope and Content

Description: Brown hardcover notebook, unruled with white pages, handwritten in ink. Multiple inserts. Identified as West 52 in de Menasce handlist.

  • "Most valuable notes as regards to 'Dinkard,' etc." A Pahlavi-English Glossary with full references to Denkart Bks. VII - IX
  • "Pazand Texts prepared by Dastur Hoshangji"
  • several folios and scraps of paper containing calculations on lines and number of words, rough drafts of paragraphs of future essays, fragments of translation, word meanings, "additional Huzvarish words"
  • additional Hebrew-Huzvarish words;
  • "notes from Prof. M. J. Muller's 'Essai en la Langue Pehlive,' Paris 1839"
  • omission of words from glossary, diagram that seems like a map to a library or a possible ordering of books or a potential reading method;
Some of the inserts in the latter part of the book are loose pages.