Variants used for Vištāsp Yašt Sadah

Scope and Content

Description: Brown hardcover notebook unruled with white pages handwritten in ink. Detailed table of contents. With inserts. Identified as West 19 in de Menasce handlist.

  • Variants used for Vistasp Yast Sadah
  • The Oersuab Zartust Namah (transliterated)
  • Denik Vicirkart (continued from vol. 3 p 272) from JE
  • Description of other texts contained in JE
  • "From Dr. Wilson's Rivayat in the Earl of Crawford's library"
  • Fragment of Patet i Aturpat and other short Pahlavi texts from MSS. in the same Library
  • Colophons of various MSS (Sadat)
  • folio titled "Contents of Dini-Vajarka"
  • scrap paper with line count of different folios
  • short notes on the fragments
  • one-liner descriptions/translations of parts of Fragment III
  • scrap paper with description of Dinkard Book III from Copenhagen, fragment of a translation (author, translator and source unknown), short factoid about Dastur Kaus Fredun Munajami, and other information serving indexical purpose
  • scrap paper with translation (source and translator unknown) with corrections in red