Extracts and notes from readings on Iranian subjects

Scope and Content

Description: Black hardbound leather notebook with ruled white pages, handwritten in ink. Several inserts. Identified as West 70 in de Menasce handlist.

  • British Museum Additional Oriental MS. 22,379 Vocabulary Pahl.-Z.-Pers.
  • Persian couplets from the same; description of content and objects in the Ouseley Collection (i.e. Bundahish)
  • copied from "Pahlavi inscriptions . . . By Mordtmann from ZDMG Vol. 18, p.1 - 52 1864. . . . quoting Thomas JRAS Vol.13 and others.
  • coins with Pahlavi inscription "of Subordinate kings of Persian provinces under the Seleucidie from Alexander the Great" copied from Dr. M.A. Levy's article in ZDMG Vol 21, p.421 - 465, 1867
  • Description and excerpt from the British Museum "MSS Reg.16. B.V., Yasna Sadah (Hyde's MS)
  • "Darmester's notes and copy of the Vaetha fargard of the Nihadum Nask" from Journal Asiatique (1886) pp. 182 - 6
  • Sketch of the Karnamak-i Artakhati-i Papkan
  • Burnell's "On Some Pahlavi Inscriptions in South India"
  • "French Republican Calendar" from 1793
  • Notes of the Literary Remains of Emmanuel Deutsch
  • Notes on some books with relevance to the study of Persia and Zoroastrianism
  • Notes from Alfred von Gustchnid's Geschilte Irans und seinen Nachbarlanden von Alexander dem Grossen bis zim intergang der Arsaciden
  • "Plutarch de Isde et Osiride" trans. by Gustv Parthey
  • A page on the Portinigal Yew
  • folio stuck to page titled "Alphabet corresponds closely with those in B29 and K25, with a few differences:"
  • Reading room request forms
  • scraps of paper serving an indexical purpose to other articles or MSS
  • "to-do" list
  • folio with list of books pertaining to the Talmud and Judaism
  • two scraps of papers with "Inscriptiones Paleo-Persicae Achemendiarum, primus edidit et explicavit, by Dr. Cajetanus Kossowicz, Petropoli, 1872"
  • summary of Salemann's Ueber ein Paresenhandschrift (1879)