Notes on Vocabularies

Scope and Content

Description: Green-black patterned hardbound notebook with ruled blue pages, handwritten in ink. Single insert.

  • Multiple glossaries with some combination of English, Pahlavi, and Persian (pp.1-8)
  • Notes and Summaries from different Das Land und sein Bewohner Erster Theil, Lepizig, 1865. (pp. 8 - 17)
  • "Notes on Persia, from the Popular Encyclopedia on Conversations Lexicon" (pp. 18 - 42)
  • "Vocabulary of the Dialects of Mazanderan and Ghilan (M & G) with the local pronunciation" by G. Melgounof in 1860, ZDMG xxii (pp. 43 - 66)
  • "Content of Shahnamah, from Jas Atkinson's Translation, India, 1832" (pp. 67 - 72)
  • "Names in Shahnamah, besides the principle ones in the Contents" (pp. 73 - 79)
  • "Transliteration of Oriental Alphabets adopted for the Translations of the Sacred Books of the East" (pp. 81 - 3)
  • "Transliteration adopted for Avesta and Pahlavi Alphabets" (p. 84)
  • Summary of "Mujuru-dh-dhahhabi va Ma'adinu-l-jauhari" by Abu-l-Hasan Ali (pp.87 - 98
  • Summary of article from ZDMG by A. Houtum-Schindler regarding Parsi population (pp. 99)
  • Words used by Persian Parsis, which differ from common Persian" (pp. 99 - 119)
  • scrap of paper with scientific names and common names of different plants and animals
  • tracing paper stuck into notebook. Engraving on antique cup copied down. Cup "found on the western frontier of Persia"