Fragment of the Pahlavi Rivāyat

Scope and Content

Description: Softcover green notebook with "EXERCISE BOOK" written on the cover, with ruled pages, handwritten in ink, multiple inserts. Identified as West 35 in de Menasce handlist.
Contents: "Traditions of Zaratusht of Pahlavi MS by E.W. West" catalogued under No. CCXXVIII. with annotations that note missing folios; pp15 - 17: A short note on "Traditions of Zaratusht" and its importance for Zoroastrian Studies being an orignal MS. from Iran. Along with this there is also a note by de Mensace added in 5/4/1949 locating the MS and commenting on its current use.


  • Folio with calculations of number of lines per page
  • 8 folios titled "Memoranda of 52 Oriental Manuscripts, from Bombay, catalogued by Edward G. Browne Esquire of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and classified as follows:- 18 Zoroastrian MSS. 28 Persian MSS. 4 Arabic MSS. and 2 Hindustani MSS."
  • Folio with "Sins worthy of death" [semi-translation] by E.W.W. on June 16th 1902
  • folio with list of short summaries of events that take place from 266, 7 to 292, 11
  • scrap of paper with calculations pertaining to number folios, lines, etc.
  • Folio with drafts of introduction remarking on his work of collation of the modern MSS with older MS
  • Supplementary note similar to note on pp 15 - 17
  • "Index to the folios of the Iranian Pahlavi Rivayat. Missing folios in red ink" and a "continuation [of notes] form page 4"