Alfred Edward Housman: Academic Notes and Papers

Scope and Content

MS.Add.6874: 'The application of thought to textual criticism', notes on a course of lectures, 1913, 83 folios.

MS.Add.6875: Introduction and notes on the textual criticism of Catullus, c. 1900, 26 folios.

MS.Add.6876: Translations of and notes on Horace, c. 1912-1914, 36 folios. There are translations of (fo. 5) 'Odes' IV, (fo. 15) 'Epodes', and (fo. 29) 'Carmen Saeculare', with general notes, and (fo. 33) notes on the text of the latter work.

MS.Add.6877: Lecture notes on the textual criticism of Juvenal, 7, 8, and 10, 1923, 52 folios.

MS.Add.6878: Textual criticism of Lucretius and Lucan, c. 1927-1928, 13 folios.

MS.Add.6879: Lecture material on the textual criticism of Martial 8 and 9, 1925, 96 folios.

MS.Add.6880: Lecture notes on textual criticism of Ovid's 'Heroides' and 'Metamorphoses', c. 1913, 38 folios.

MS.Add.6881: Lecture notes on the life and textual criticism of Persius, with a translation of 'Satires' 1-6, c. 1911, 52 folios.

MS.Add.6882: Lecture material on the text and scansion of Plautus, c. 1932, 42 folios.

MS.Add.6883: Notes on the text of Catullus 61, 62, and 64-66, c. 1917, 113 folios. Fos 1, 2, 50, and 102-113 are blank.

MS.Add.6884: Notes on the text of Horace, 'Odes' I-III, c. 1930, 60 folios.

MS.Add.6885: Notes on the texts of Horace, 'Epodes' and 'Odes' IV, 1-4, c. 1912, 74 folios.

MS.Add.6886: Notes on the text of Horace, 'Odes' IV, 4-15, c. 1914, 55 folios.

MS.Add.6887: Notes on the text of Lucan I and VII, 1-389, c. 1912-1918, 88 folios. Fos 55-88 are written from the end of the volume.

MS.Add.6888: Notes on the text of Lucan II and III, 1-380, c. 1912-1914, 122 folios.

MS.Add.6889: Notes on the text of Lucan III, 381-762 and IV, 2-300, c. 1914-1915, 68 folios.

MS.Add.6890: Notes on the text of Lucan IV, 303-824, and V, c. 1915-1916, 114 folios.

MS.Add.6891: Notes on the text of Lucan VI, and VII, 391-872, c. 1915-1916, 126 folios.

MS.Add.6892: Notes on the text of Lucan VIII, and IX, 1-522, c. 1919-1920, 124 folios.

MS.Add.6893: Notes on the text of Lucan IX, 523-1106, and X, 1-544, c. 1920-1921, 126 folios.

MS.Add.6894: Notes on the text of Lucretius V, c. 1928, 84 folios. Fos 76-84 are blank.

MS.Add.6895: Notes on the text of Lucretius VI, c. 1928, 72 folios.

MS.Add.6896: Notes on the text of Martial VI and VII, c. 1933, 57 folios.

MS.Add.6897: Notes on the text of Ovid, 'Heroides', I-IX, c. 1922-1929, 128 folios.

MS.Add.6898: Notes on the text of Ovid, 'Heroides' X and XI, with an opening note on XII, c. 1924, 23 folios.

MS.Add.6899: Notes on the text of Ovid, 'Metamorphoses' I and II, 2-83, c. 1913, 68 folios. Fos 1, 2, and 58-68 are blank.

MS.Add.6900: Notes on the text of Persius, c. 1911, 52 folios.

MS.Add.6901: Notes on the text of Plautus, c. 1932, 58 folios.

MS.Add.6902: Textual criticism of Horace, 'Satires' I, c. 1936, 60 folios.

Administrative / Biographical History

Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) was educated at Bromsgrove School and St. John's College, Oxford, where he obtained a first class in classical moderations in 1879, but failed to obtain honours in lit. hum. He worked in the Patent Office, 1882-1892, before becoming professor of Latin at University College, London, 1892-1911, and at Cambridge, 1911-1936. He published many articles and reviews of classical subjects, which covered most of the chief poets from Lucilius to Juvenal, as well as editing Ovid's Ibis (1894), the five Books of Manilius (1903-1930), Juvenal (1905), and Lucan (1926). He also wrote poetry, much of which was published. Housman refused all honours, but accepted the honorary fellowship of St John's College, Oxford, in 1911.

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Presented by A.S.F. Gow, 1936.


Description compiled by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives. The biographical history was compiled with reference to the entry on Housman in the Concise dictionary of national biography, Part II, 1901-1970, p. 340 (Oxford University Press, 1982).

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Two letters from J. Enoch Powell removed from MS.Add.6895 are now a part of MS.Add. 7339. Cambridge University Library holds other papers of Housman, MSS.Add.7735 and 8534.

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