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Ambrosden is a village situated to the south-east of Bicester. Its parish boundaries also include the hamlets of Blackthorn and Arncott, whose inhabitants have always used Ambrosden's church.

In 1977, Ambrosden was united with Merton and Piddington to form a new parish (although it seems that Ambrosden and Piddington had shared the same vicar for some years before - see PAR7/1/R4 below).

The records of Ambrosden were deposited in several instalments. Two items were deposited in 1956 and 1971 with the Bodleian Library, and others were made directly at Oxfordshire Archives, in 1989 and 1994 with the respective Accession Numbers 3236 and 3893. In adddition to the above, some papers relating to the Churchwardens, Overseers and Surveyors of the Highways of Blackthorn was deposited in 1971 as Acc. 951, along with material relating to Blackthorn Parish Council, and originally catalogued as Blackthorn. The parish papers have now been incorporated in PAR7, while the papers relating to the Parish Council have been recatalogued as PC7A. A further deposit, under accession number 4760, was made in July 2000. The contents of each accession are listed in Appendix I; a comparative table of old and new references is listed in Appendix II.

Catalogued in June 1995 by Robin Darwall-Smith, with additions made by Hannah Jones in August 2003 and October 2008.

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