Dennis Wheatley Archive

Scope and Content

Box No 1
i) Financial correspondence & memos, draft tenancy agreements (c.1900-1936)
ii) Roadmap of Belgium, Picture Show magazine, brochures, pamphlets, cuttings, children's artwork (magazine December 1934; rest unknown)
iii) Personal correspondence (c.1920-1970, mainly 20s & 60s)
iv) Personal correspondence (c.1910-1950, mainly 10s & 40s)

Box No 2
i) Financial correspondence & memos (c.1820-1920)
ii) Personal correspondence, business correspondence related to Wheatley & Sons Wine Merchants (c.1930-1940)
iii) Correspondence with F.W. Stephen & Co. chartered accountants (1957)
iv) Personal correspondence (in two parts) (c.1930-1960)

Box No 3
i) Two letters to DW, business cards (1912, 1914, business cards unknown)
ii) Family correspondence, some professional & financial correspondence (c.1955-1975)
iii) Professional correspondence, financial correspondence & memos, some personal correspondence (c.1955-1975)

Box No 4
i) Financial correspondence & memos relating to travel abroad (c.1960-1970)
ii) Personal & family correspondence (c.1960-1970)
iii) Personal & professional correspondence (in two parts) (c.1932-1977)

Box No 5
i) Mixed correspondence & papers (mostly personal) (in two parts) (c.1927-1977)
ii) Personal & professional correspondence, misc. papers (c.1922-1968)

Box No 6
i) Residential/building papers & plans, personal correspondence (c.1892-1922)
ii) Promotional material, Wheatley & Son receipts, greeting cards/postcards, MS/TS draft for article on Semisi Maya (1922-1950)
iii) "Living Portrait" TV interview/profile/documentary on DW transcripts & production notes (1967)

Box No 7
i) Travel brochures & maps (date unknown)
ii) Accountant/auditor balance sheets (Wheatley & Sons), misc. Financial memos (domestic) (c.1899-1922)
iii) Photographs, cuttings, illustration(?) (date unknown)
iv) Postcards, personal correspondence, photographs, travel brochures, maps, baggage labels, wedding invite, funeral programmes (c.1960-1977)

Box No 8
i) Commemorative/promotional scroll announcing move of Justerini to new premises (1954)
ii) Shares certificate, Memorandum & Articles of Association of The Avenue Advertising Company Ltd. (1931, 1929)
iii) Misc personal/domestic documents, Christmas cards, photographs, invitations (c.1929-1971)
iv) Correspondence re: party to launch 50th novel (1964)
v) Duplicate Last Will and Testament (1943)
vi) Correspondence with press & booksellers re: publication of first novel (c.1933)
vii) Correspondence & promotional material re: Semisi Maya exhibition (c.1967)
viii) Compiled literary sales & earnings figures (c.1931-1938)
ix) Various photographs (c.1930-1970)

Box No 9*
Various personal & professional memos, documents, correspondence; various publicity material (c.1930-1977)

Box No 10*
i) Various correspondence & memos (mainly personal & family) (c.1961-1975)
ii) Various correspondence & memos (mainly personal & family) (c.1913-1939)
iii) Various correspondence & memos (c.1892-1976)
iv) Various correspondence (1929- 1962)

Box No 11*
i) Bills, receipts, invoices (in two parts) (c.1860-1950)
ii) Personal & professional correspondence, memos (c.1924-1973)

Box No 12
i) Professional correspondence & memos (c.1930-1932)
ii) Family correspondence (c.1971)
iii) Personal correspondence, personal, domestic, travel and financial memos (in three parts) (c.1945-1975)
iv) Two photographs of D.W., professional correspondence (c.1930-1970)

Box No 13
i) Family & personal correspondence (c.1963-1977)
ii) Personal correspondence (c.1971)
iii) Various correspondence, memos, papers relating to Wheatley & Sons/Justerini & Brooks wine merchants (1930-1973)
iv) Personal correspondence (c.1960-1972)

Box No 14*
Personal & family correspondence (in four parts, not ordered) (c.1915-1977)

Box No 15*
i) Financial memos (c.1845-1919)
ii) Misc professional correspondence, memos, MS (c.1916-1973)

Box No 16*
i) Personal correspondence (c.1943-1972)
ii) Personal/family correspondence, memos (c.1968-1974)
iii) Business correspondence, memos, travel documentation (c.1928-1973)
iv) Personal & family correspondence (c.1916-1973)

Box No 17
i) Photographs of house (lithograph copies) (c.1970)
ii) Personal & professional memos (c.1925-1936)
iii) Personal correspondence (1960)
iv) Financial memos/receipts (c.1926)
v) Personal correspondence (c.1953-1973)
vi) Booksellers' pamphlets, promotional material, press cuttings (c.1935-1948)

Box No 18
i) MS Letter to Posterity on occasion of Princess Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Phillip** (November 1947)
ii) MS floor plans of house (date unknown)
iii) Photographs, negatives, invitations, promotional material (dates unknown - broad date range judging by photographs)
iv) Ceremonial regalia - four pieces (date unknown)

Box No 19
i) Personal correspondence (c.1919-1924)
ii) Professional correspondence (c.1966-1967)
iii) Various correspondence (in three parts; part 1 contains negatives & 1 item of fan art) (c.1927-1977)
iv) Small publications/greeting cards/gift calendars (c.1936-1973)

Box No 20
i) Personal correspondence (1916)
ii) Personal correspondence (c.1929-1974)
iii) Personal correspondence (c.1916- 1970)
iv) Family correspondence & personal memos(1974-1976)
v) Professional & financial correspondence (1960-1962)
vi) Personal correspondence (c.1914-1969)
vii) Financial correspondence & memos (c.1929-1930)

Box No 21
Military commission documents, artwork, prints, menus, brochures, photographs + folder containing discharge certificate

Box No 22
Scrapbook of press cuttings

Boxes were not ordered at time of accession, so have been allocated numbers by Special Collections. The collection contains many items which bear little or no relation to other material in the box in which they are filed. A broad outline of the contents of the boxes has been provided.

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