Theological Distinctiones

Scope and Content

Part of a book of Theological Distinctiones, or short treatises on theological subjects, which have been arranged alphabetically. All entries prior to 'Defectus' and after 'Surditas' are missing. Written in England or Wales. A printed cutting stuck inside the front cover of the volume says it was 'found near Bangor, supposed to have belonged to the Monks of that Monastery, who were murdered by the command of Ethelred the 2nd, and thought to be stained with their blood, having been discovered with a quantity of human bones'. This was in c. 616, but study of the handwriting dates this volume to the 12th Century at the earliest. N R Ker in his book Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, Vol.III: Lampeter-Oxford, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983), pp. 1-14, says that this manuscript was compiled by Peter of Capua, cardinal deacon of St. George, 1242.

A complete copy of this manuscript can be found at Hereford Cathedral. The manuscript is also mentioned in Wild Wales: Its people, language and scenery by George Borrow (Oxford University Press: 1924).

Language: Latin.