Bill of John Churchill - coroner of Northern District

Scope and Content

For inquests on: 13 Jul at Lower Heyford, Thomas Phillips; 14 Jul at Fewcott, Elizabeth Bonne Kearsey, daughter of Samuel Kearsey, labourer; 15 Jul at Enstone, Nathaniel William Baylis; 26 Jul at Steeple Aston, Caroline Haynes, daughter of Richard Haynes, Middle Barton; 2 Aug at Southnewington, Lucy Page, daughter of Joseph Page, labourer; 5 Aug at Bloxham, new-born female child, daughter of Sarah Smith; 7 Aug at Hook Norton, George Robins, son of George; 11 Sep at Neithrop, Ann Lock, wife of John; 23 Sep at Lower Heyford, Rosina Whetton, daughter of John, labourer; 26 Sep at Hornton, Robert Gascoigne; 29 Sep at Neithrop, George Ann (q. Georgiana), daughter of Thomas Penn, labourer; 6 Oct at Sibford Gower, William Phipps, farmer