Bill of William Brunner - coroner of Central District

Scope and Content

For inquests on: 22 Jun at the Radcliffe Infirmary, John Floyd; 26 Jun at County Gaol, Joseph Clarke, prisoner; 5 Jul at Headington Union workhouse, Ellen Rafter, unbaptised child of William Rafter, a vagrant; 17 Jul at Eynsham, John Sheldon; 26 Aug at Barnard Gate, Eynsham; 26 Aug at Headington, John Matthews, attorney; 5 Sep at Bicester, William Hollis, tailor; 22 Sep at Dorchester, John Lewis; 25 Sep at Cassington, Edward Hosier; 29 Sep at Enslow, Edwin Toms, son of Zachariah Toms; 2 Oct at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Hannah Bestley, wife of Thomas, labourer