Lease and Release

Scope and Content

(i) Trevor Owen Jones of Wepre Hall, co. Flint, last surviving son of Edward Jones of Wepre Hall, deceased.

(ii) Rev. Howell Wepre Owen Jones of Nerquis, other surviving son of Edward Jones.

(iii) Edward Lloyd of Cefn, co. Denbigh, esquire.

(iv) Mary Anne Jones of Golftyn, spinster, Rev. John Husband of Preston and Charlotte his wife.

(v) Panton Plymley Corbett of Leighton Hall, co. Montgomery, esquire, James Butler Clough of Liverpool, merchant, trustees of marriage settlement of Margaret Sydney Clough.

(vi) Charles Butler Clough.

(vii) Panton Plymley Corbett, Rev. Henry Jones of Northop, trustees of marriage settlement of John Husband.

(viii) Henry Potts of Chester, gent.

(ix) Emma Hughes of Mold, spinster.

(x) Sarah Griffin Jones of Chester, widow.

(xi) Trevor Jones of Lichfield, doctor of medicine, Panton Plymley Corbett and Lucy Favoretta his wife (late Jones).

(xii) Robert Williams Wynne of Garthewin, co. Denbigh, esquire.

(xiii) Edward Lloyd the younger of Cefn, co. Denbigh, esquire.

(xiv) Mary Tellet of Shotton, widow.

(xv) Rev. Ellis Jones of Lymington, co. Southampton, clerk.

(xvi) Samuel Johnson Roberts of Chester, gent.

(xvii) James Wills of Scoutbush, Carrick Fergus, Ireland, esquire.

Release to (xiv) of messuage and garden in Golftyn with 6a. 33p. of land (estate of late Edward Jones of Wepre Hall).

Consideration: £325 paid by (xiv) to (i)-(xi) and (xiii).


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