A Practical Introduction to Turki, Part I & Part II

Scope and Content

"A Practical Introduction to Turki, Part I & Part II" from the "Office of the British Consulate-General, Kashagar". Inside is a further title, "A Practical Introduction to Turki with Special Reference to Kashgar Usage."by "M.C. Gillett & Pandit Bihari Lal with the help of the staff of His Majesty's Consulate-General, Kashgar". Also handwritten is "Author's Copy" and signed MC Gillett. Typed manuscript dedicated to the memory of Geoffrey Redmayne Turral, First British Consul in Urumchi, 1943-1946, and a connoisseur of Central Asia. Within the preface, Gillett explains that he wrote the book as he felt when in Kashgar that there was no book suitable for a beginner of the Eastern Turki tongue. The book was written by the end of 1944 with additions and alterations in 1945. The dedication suggests further alterations in 1946.There are some further handwritten pages inserted into the beginning of the book with the title "English-Turki vocabulary to Part I converted to the [Nari loff's] Romanization." Typed within a soft cover.

Geographical Names