Release of copyhold hereditaments

Scope and Content


1a) William Cole, Bicester, esq. and 1b) Mary Cole, Bicester, spinster

2) Rebecca Cole, Bicester, widow

3a) Revd. John Fairbairn Johnson, Ab Kettleby, Leics, clerk and 3b) Elizabeth Rebecca, wife of 3a

Property: Messuage with appurtenances in Fencot and Murcot and other various land, arable, copyhold and pasture in Fencot, Murcot and Otmoor, field names, tenants and other details given.

(1) grants and assigns, (2) assigns to (3b), to hold one moiety of the premises for the life of Richard Cooper and the other moiety for the life of William Cooper. Whole premises for life of (1a)