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      GB 133 DDPr 2/22
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      GB 135 DDPr 2/22
      GB 133 Leather Volume V - Letters of Methodist Preachers, p.22
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Incomplete copy manuscript letter from Michael Fenwick to C W. 'Mr John Wesley I know has a mind bent to help his preachers, but he says yt you have done ym more hurt than ever you will be able to do ym good while you live. Ys I think is true, for some years I have looked upon Mr Charles Wesley amongst his bro's preachers just like one yt have catched the plague & while God was increasing yeir number Mr Charles I could only compare to a wild bull in a net. For these ten years I have layn under a hedge permitting you to drive your chariot Jehu like raising a very great dust...but as I saw God bore with you so did your little friend [?John Wesley] however in my second epistle if my friend Mr Charles Wesley will suffer I mean & soon to date his fall...'

[What follows may be a transcript of the 'second epistle' referred to above]

'First as for evil speaking together with tittle tattle, this nation cannot compare with you...it really seems as if God has permitted Satan to devote you to ys very thing. ?You have, Sir, lately made a sad racket about your brothers wife's [Mary Vazeille] showing letters not her property. But alas! how well or how justly may she retort on her brother-in-law...I have had a temptation to let her know it, only for your bro's sake I spare you - pray write me very soon. Some advise me to make an example in public of you only I am not clear in the thing tis certain you fall under the eye of the law consequently you fall under my power. But the tim [?time] for you is not yet come yt Fenwick should publish matters for through Christ I can wth ease pleasure & satisfaction bear all things'

[ Annotated by an unknown hand - 'A true copy of Michael Fenwick to Mr Charles Wesley'.]

[The date of this letter is very uncertain, although it may provisionally be dated to about 1775 when Mary Vazeille apparently threatened to publish some embarrassing letters written by her husband John Wesley. Source: DDPr 1/74]