Medical Education at the University of Manchester

Scope and Content

These papers are made up of material created and collected by John Murray Watt during his time as a medical student at the University of Manchester.


These papers are arranged into series by topic of study, with an additional series for miscellaneous material and additional student materials.

  • JHW/3/1/1-Anatomy Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/2-Physiology Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/3-Human Physiology-Practical Notebook
  • JHW/3/1/4-Lectures on Surgery
  • JHW/3/1/5-Biochemistry Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/6-Gynaecology Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/7-Pharmacology Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/8-Pathology Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/9-Medical Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/10-Printed Teaching Materials
  • JHW/3/1/11-Medical Clinic Notes
  • JHW/3/1/12-Miscellaneous Lecture Notes
  • JHW/3/1/13-Student Materials