Scope and Content

The material available for 1990 is:

  • Agenda and Minutes for Library Committee Meeting, 15 February 1990
  • Agenda and Minutes for Library Committee Meeting, 3 May 1990
  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Working Group on Development, 24 May 1990
  • Proposal for an In-House Conservation Unit, Paper presented by the President for Council Meeting, 14 June 1990
  • Agenda, Minutes, Library Report and Papers for Library Committee Meeting 17 October, 1990
  • Agenda, Library Report on the layout of the Library and Papers for the Library Committee Meeting, 22 November 1990
  • Agenda, Minutes, Reports and Papers for Library Committee Meeting, 12 December 1990

Related Material

The Council Minutes for 8 February 1990 record the Council's approval of board mounting of paintings as laid out in a paper by the Librarian. The Minutes for 12 April record that investigation into software for computerisation of the catalogue and the possibility of an in-house conservation unit were being discussed.The Minutes for 14 June 1990 reports the progress with sorting books, the ongoing software search and that the in-house conservation unit was approved. The Minutes for 11 October1990 record that Mr Gardiner was working full-time and the unit staying within budget. The Minutes for 13 December 1990 record that a computer cataloguing system was being trialled.