FILE: Llandudno Historical Society: Survey of Sites - List of Archaelogical Sites File 2.

Scope and Content

List of Contents: Watermill at Bodysgallen with sketch plan and photograph; Little Orme's Head; spearhead and illustration; Llandudno - Eglwysrhos; information on bronze celts; burial chamber;

inscribed stone hut circle; barrow mound; bronze palstave. Craigside : Roman coin hoard; Maes-y-Mor, Little Orme : Roman vase found 1917. Penrhyn Bay : Box of Roman coins. Penrhyn Old Hall : 5000 Roman coins. Llandudno - Eglwysrhos : Cwm Howard plan. Bryniau Farm: Watch Tower nearby; 3 photographs, illustration. Castell Tremlyd. St. Tudno's Well. Lletty'r Filiast Burial Chamber, Gt. Ormes Head: Area plans, photographs. Copper Mines: Gt. Ormes Head. Lighthouse: Kendricks Cave. Hwylfa'r Ceirw, Gt. Ormes Head : Ring of stones, long huts. Pen-y-Dinas Hill Fort, Gt. Ormes Head. Telegraph Station. Llangwstenin Hall: The Watch Tower, Deganwy : photograph & plan. Deganwy Castle : Location plan and information [Deganwy Hill Fort] views of area, castle remains.