Minute Book, 1922-1925

Scope and Content

A minute book with a purple cover and black spine. From page 77 onwards the pages are unused. This is most probably because the Society merged with the Birmingham Society on 6 July 1925

The decrease in the trade of coal is discussed at some length. In several meeting the Committee advises that the coal department must increase sales soon or face closure.

At the back of this file there is a pocket holding letters addressed to and from the Committee, dating from 20 March 1925 to 11 May 1925, all concerning the drainage of water into the cellar of the premises at 292, Soho Road, Handsworth. It seems there was a persistent problem that the Public Health Department did not believe was due to a leakage in the water mains. There is also a letter from Geo Smart, builder, shop fitter and decorator estimating costs for work on the Assembly Rooms at Cape Hill, dated 15 May 1925.