Bakery, Drapery, Boot & Hairdressing Committee Minutes

Scope and Content

Minutes of the Bakery Committee, Drapery Committee, Boot Committee and Hairdressing Committee meetings.

Matters discussed in the Bakery Committee meetings include purchase of ingredients, prices, management of staff, employee socials, deliveries and finances.

Matters discussed in the Drapery Committee meetings include employment and management of staff, visits to CWS to buy stock, visits to factories, complaints, alterations to property and employee socials.

Matters discussed in the Hairdressing Committee meetings include purchase of equipment, management of staff, opening hours and cost of cuts.

Matters discussed in the Boot Committee meetings include management of staff, alterations to property, stock and contracts.

MID/1/2/2/2/1/5/1-5 are manuscript, MID/1/2/2/2/1/5/6 are typescript.