Minute Book, 1925-1929

Scope and Content

Building Committee minute book. Matters discussed include individual locations such as butcher's shop, land at Uttoxeter, boot factory, barber's shop, and Hills Foundry.

Matters also discussed include tobacco scales, street name plates (including Holyoake Terrace), cinema screen, apprentices, mortgage loans, undertaking, Christmas goods, and garage charges.

There were additional loose documents within the minute book. These include part of a design for what appears to be wrought-iron work, with the letters CE in the design; Assessments Appealed Against, dated January12th, 1929; a letter praising the Co-op's painting and papering work (on reverse a note says You can use this in the monthly magazine); and Information from Societies re. Rest Rooms etc., dated July 17th, 1928.

The un-numbered back pages of the minute book include a list of men's names, locations, and departments, and dates.

The back cover of the minute book includes a pocket containing a small booklet Working Rules to govern the Upholstery Trade in the London District, 1925, and an agenda dated September 15th, 1925.