Minute book, 1929-1936

Scope and Content

Building Commitee minute book. Matters discussed include individual locations such as cottages on Prospect Place, premises at Little Eaton, hairdressing salon, and Chadderden.

Matters discussed also include loans, plans submitted, fire escape, holidays, undertaking, war memorial, and old age retirement.

The back cover of the minute book includes a pocket with several loose items. dated 1930 and 1934. These include applications for advance of wages.

The un-numbered inside back pages of the minute book include lists headed 1929 and 1931, with indvidual names with dates, locations, and departments.

There were loose documents, dated 1933-1935, within the minute book, which are now in a separate archival folder. These include comparison of sales, Mutuality Club statement, Utility Bazaar exhibition, and plan of ground floor and first floor for Proposed Alteration to Institute, scale 1/8th inch to one foot, dated July 12th, 1933.