Scope and Content

1. Hugh Hughes

2. John Evans

3. Samuel Roberts of Vine Cottage, Chapel Street, Abergele, post messenger

Re lands, leasehold premises in Llysfaen as written in Indenture, for securing £150


1. Draft Notice between John Evans to Hughes, for securing £150. Dated September 1891

2. Note with name Samuel Roberts as above, £250 at 5 per cent p.a.

3. Letter from Hugh Hughes [-----------Isa] Llysfaen, asking recipient [not known] to write to Mr. Parry, Conway re particulars required. Dated May 9, 1892

4. Llythyr: John Evans, Maes-y-fron, Llysfaen, ynglyn a mortgage Mr. Samuel Roberts. Mai 1892 [letter about Mr Samuel Roberts's mortgage]