Scope and Content

1. John Griffith of Caernarfon, jeweller.

2. Janet Browning of the Marine Hotel, Colwyn, widow.

re the Marine Hotel, Colwyn for 15 years at a rent of £70 p.a. for the first 3 years, £90 for the next 5 years and £110 for the remainder of the term.


1. MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT as above, 16 June 1876.

2. BUNDLE OF LETTERS: Collins Robinson, Collins & Driffield, solicitors of Liverpool to William Jones, solicitor, Conway re the above.

3. COPY DRAFT MEMORANDUM between Anthony Eccles Esq and JB re building a billiards room and the addition of £25 to yearly rent, dated 1878.

4. APPLICATION for licence to sell intoxicating liquors at Marine Hotel.