Scope and Content

1. The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Town and Boro' of Conway.

2. Charles Evetts of Beacon House, Little Oaks Road, co Warwick.

re the Tolls of the Conway Bridge, for 3 years at a rent of £1850 for the first year rising to £1870 for the third.


1. DRAFT LEASE for 3 years at a rent of £1460 rising to £1480 between 1. and William Williams of Sherborne Lodge, Putney, co Surrey (2 March 1898).

2. DRAFT BOND of Charles Evetts, J R Furness of Plas Mawr, Conway and Joseph Williams of High Street, Conway, furniture maker.

3. LETTER: Charles Evetts to T E Parry, Clerk to the Commissioners saying he has paid 1 month's money and giving names of his 2 sureties.

4. LETTER as above, submitting offers for the tolls (10 Feb 1904).

5. ADVERTISEMENT re letting of the Toll Gate and listing exemptions from toll.