Personal correspondence

Scope and Content

Scrapbook. Contains log of letters written and received.

The scrapbook contained the following inserts:

1) Letter from Dr Gye, dated 14 Nov 1949; note 'Extract sent to..', inserted at p.1

2) 2 envelopes addressed to Mrs How Martyn, 1950 and 1953, inserted at p.15

3) Section of a postcard from 'E', dated 4 Sep 1948; typescript extract of a letter to unnamed recipient, quoting a letter from Dr Gye; manuscript note 'April 6'; letter from GL Schwartz, 6 Dec 1949; eleven letters from Mrs Hewlett Hobbs, Jun 1945-Nov 1949, inserted at p.29

4) Manuscript list of correspondence with Gertrude Whitley, inserted inside the back cover

Letters: 6 letters from Henry B Lloyd, Dec 1949-Nov 1950; 2 letters from Sir John Russell, 1949; 7 letters from Mrs Whitley, Jan 1946-Oct 1949; letter from Dr Gye, Sep 1949; 3 letters from Richard Taylor, Nov 1949-Jan 1950; letter from 'friend Matty', 36 Barwick Hill, Bath, inserted inside the back cover