Conferment of Medal

Scope and Content

This material concerns the conferment of the Medal each year. However there is limited archival material and only for some of the years in which the medal was awarded. Therefore sub-series and files were created only for those years for which material is present.


The material was organised chronologically into sub-series and files thus:

  • RAS PGM/2/1 - 1904
  • RAS PGM/2/2 - 1905
  • RAS PGM/2/3 - 1907
  • RAS PGM/2/4 - 1914
  • RAS PGM/2/5 - 1916
  • RAS PGM/2/6 - 1921
  • RAS PGM/2/7 - 1922
  • RAS PGM/2/8 - 1923
  • RAS PGM/2/9 - 1926
  • RAS PGM/2/10 - 1929

Related Material

The Council Minutes Books of the Royal Asiatic Society have decisions minuted regarding the institution of the Medal, the yearly establishment of a Committee to choose the essay titles and to judge the entrants, with subsequent conferment of each Medal and Book prizes. The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society also contains information in its "Proceedings of the Royal Asiatic Society"sections, particularly in the annual Report of the Annual General Meeting.