Photocopies of leaflets, circulars and other papers of suffrage organisations connected with The Women's March or its organisers

Scope and Content

The Church League for Women's Suffrage [5 items]; The Collegian [3 items]; Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Association [2 items]; Hampstead Women's Social & Political Union [1 item]; International Suffrage Shop [2 items]; International Women's franchise Club Ltd. [2 items]; London Society for Women's Suffrage [1 item]; Men's Society for Women's Rights [2 items]; The Northern Men's Federation for Women's Suffrage [5 items]; 'Suffrage First' Committee [2 items]; 'White Slaves' Traffic Press [3 items]; The Woman's International Perform Union [5 items]; Women's Freedom League [4 items]; The Women's Social & Political Union [3 items]; Miscellaneous [3 items].

Arranged in alphabetical order.

This file also includes papers on the provenance of the archive.