Capricorn Africa Society: Records of the Society, and related material (some microfilm).

Scope and Content

1-99 Series [CAS (Lond)]: Organisational files of the London Office and Colonel David Stirling's personal files. Most of the papers come from the London Office but there are a few from the Salisbury, S.R. branch. (The records of the Kenyan and Tanganyikan headquarters were destroyed by fire). The collection is arranged in files:

1-99 Series [CAS London]: Organisational files of the London Office and Colonel David Stirling's personal files. Most of the London papers are of out-going mail. The dates given to files are approximations; some files are complete and regular, others very varied. Some files contain material marked `confidential' but which was later widely circulated, and extracts from other confidential letters letters were often given in the Weekly Summary. A provisional index of the London files was compiled by A. Ross in 1973; files 128 - 134 have since been renumbered as the 200 series. The (up-dated) index is kept with the collection Documents include: London Committee minutes and agendas; minutes of the East African branch; London Committee's correspondence with the Tanganyika and Salisbury branches; correspondence about the Takawira defence; with USA supporters; on African students in Britain; on establishing the Rhodesian `College of Citizenship' (Ranche House); on atrocities in the Congo 1960 - 62; with the Campaign against Racial Discrimination in Sport 1958 - 1962; with the YMCA and Women's Institutes; about the Zebra club. Correspondence of the London Chairman, Jonathan Lewis. Article and other items by Sir J. Slessor; accounts, balance sheets, and financial correspondence; cuttings from the British, Central African and East African press; the Salima Convention. National Democratic Party circulars.

200 - Series [CAS(Ind)]: Papers from individuals (relating almost exclusively to the CAS): L B Greaves OBE; H Crookenden, Mrs J Bartosik.

300 Series: [CAS(SR1)]: Papers from the Southern Rhodesian Branches

301/A - to 307: Papers from the Salisbury branch. Includes minutes and matters; correspondence, including that with the London Office; publications papers from the Capricorn Convention, Salima 1956, and the National Convention Salisbury, 1960; newspaper reports. On loan from A.G. Pilavachi, Esq.

Also un-numbered: Articles about the CAS (ex-File 134).

Microfilm: CAPRICORN AFRICA SOCIETY: `Papers of the Capricorn Africa Society held at the J.B. Morrell Library, University of York'. The records were filmed for the Cooperative Africana Microfilm Project (CAMP); the film does not include the Southern Rhodesian files.

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