Published papers by Sir Alexander Ewing.

Scope and Content

  • /1 "High-frequency deafness". Paper given to the Physical Society, London, 1931.
  • /2 [Sir Alexander's contribution to a] discussion on audiometric tests and the capacity to hear speech. From the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, Section of Otology, Vol. XXXIII, March 1940.
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  • /5 "Recent developments in the education of deaf and partially deaf children". [Talk delivered at the Special Schools Association 21st Biennial Conference, 1952].
  • /6 Stepping forward. Guest editorial in Special Education, [? 1960].
  • /7 "Education of the deaf". Off print from Educational Research, Vol. II no. 3, June 1960.
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  • /9 "Research on the educational treatment of deafness". Off print from Educational Research, Vol. IV no. 2, February 1962.
  • /10The place and functions of Audiology in the community. The Thomas Simm Littler Memorial lecture, [? 1972]
  • /11 "The protection of hearing". With E. D. Dalziel Dickson. Reprinted from the Journal of Laryngology and Otology, Vol. LVI, no. 7, July 1941
  • /12 "The use of hearing aids in the treatment of defects of hearing in children". With I. R. Ewing. Reprinted from the Journal of Laryngology and Otology, Vol LI, no. 4, April 1936
  • /13 "Tests of Hearing Aids and lip reading". With I. R. Ewing. Paper contributed to the Conference of Teachers of the Deaf in Australia, Sydney, January 1938.
  • /14 "The ascertainment of deafness in infancy and early childhood". With I. R. Ewing. Reprinted from the Journal of Laryngology and Otology. Vol. LIX, no. 9, September 1944.
  • /15 "Educational Treatment of Deafness". With I. R. Ewing. Reprinted from The Lancet, 25 October 1947.
  • /16 Your child's hearing. With I. R. Ewing. Third edition published by the National Deaf Children's Society, July 1961
  • /17 Your child's hearing Fourth edition, March 1969
  • /18 Auditory fatigue and the use of tuned telephones with hearing aids, With T. S. Littler. Paper given at the conference of Educational Associations, University College London, 4 January 1936.
  • /19 A study of children with defective hearing. With D. A. Gandine Stanton [Report of investigations carried out in the department of Education of the Deaf, Manchester University]. 1943.
  • /20 WHO Report of Study Group on the Child with Impaired Hearing, 1955 (Ewing was a contributor).

Former reference: EA/1-2, EA/12/7 (/20).