Miscellaneous material relating to the Ewings

Scope and Content

  • /1 Newscutting reporting I. R. Ewing's honorary degree of M.Sc. from Manchester University, 1933 [missing].
  • /2 Programme of the official opening of the Maud Maxfield Special School for the Deaf, Sheffield, by I. R. Ewing, 14 May 1954.
  • /3 Programme of the British Council short course on 'The education and rehabilitation of the deaf and hard of hearing', Manchester, 12-14 July 1954, directed by A. W. G. Ewing.
  • /4 Liverpool School for the Partially Deaf, Birkdale, 7th Annual Prize Giving, 23 March 1956, including an address by A. W. G. Ewing and the presentation of prizes by I. R. Ewing. - Programme.
  • /5 Prospectus for a British Council course on the educational treatment of deafness in children of pre-school age, July 9- 15 1958, organised by A. W. G. and I. R. Ewing and the Manchester University Department of the Education of the Deaf.
  • /6 Manchester University Department of Audiology and Education of the Deaf. - Syllabus for guidance to parents of pre-school children. August 1962.
  • /7 News cutting relating to A. W. G. Ewing, c. 1966.
  • /8 Diploma presented to A. W. G. Ewing by the International Parents' Organization - Honors Award for distinguished service to deaf children and their parents, August 1970.
  • /9 Documents relating to an Air Ministry request to A. W. G. Ewing to assist in tests on R. A. F. flying helmets, 1942-3. 6pp.
  • /10 Minutes of a meeting of the Advisory Committee for Training Teachers of the Deaf, 27 October 1944; with a memorandum on 'Opportunity and need to extend the work of the Department of Education of the Deaf' by A. W. G. and I. R. Ewing, 10 November 1944. 6pp.
  • /11 Programme of the Queen's visit to the Department of Education of the Deaf, 31 May 1951; with I. R. Ewing's account of the visit. 3pp.
  • /12 President's address (by Nancy S. John) at the official opening of Ewing House, Ballarat (Victoria, Australia), 22 August 1952. 3pp.
  • /13 Pre-publication text of a review of A. W. G. and E. C. Ewing's book Teaching Deaf Children to Talk, prepared by Dr Leo E. Connor for the September 1965 issue of Exceptional Children. 4pp. With a covering letter from June B. Jordan, editor of Exceptional Children, to A. W. G. Ewing, 18 May 1965.
  • /14 Pre-publication text of a review of the above book for the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, by Stephen P. Quigley. 3pp. With a covering letter from Harry Hollien, book review editor of the above journal, to A. W. G. Ewing, 16 July 1965; Ewing's reply, 16 September 1965; and a typescript of the Ewing's' supplement to the review (6C, 3PP) enclosed.
  • /15 University of Manchester Founder's Day addresses by Professor Gordon Rupp, presenter of honorary graduands, 17 May 1967. 14pp. Includes a speech in honour of A. W. G. Ewing on his receiving the degree of Doctor of Laws. With covering letter to A. W. G. Ewing from Georgina Miller, the Vice-Chancellor's secretary, 23 May 1967.
  • /16 A brief appreciation of I. R. Ewing. n.d. 1p.

Former reference: EA/9-10