Obituary material on T. S. Littler

Scope and Content

  • /1 Letter to A. W. G. Ewing from Miss W Wilkinson, editor of The Teacher of the Deaf, asking for an obituary notice, 17 September 1969. 1p. With (1A) a MS draft of Ewing's tribute. 3pp.
  • /2 Typescript of a tribute to Littler for [?] Hearing, by the Chairman of the R. N. I. D. 1p.
  • /3 Letter to A. W. G. Ewing from Roy Cole, editor of Hearing, 18 September 1969, asking for an obituary notice. Typescript. 1p.
  • /4 Letter to A. W. G. Ewing from Margaret Littler, 20 September 1969. MS. 1p.
  • /5 Letter from J. J. Knight to A. W. G. Ewing, 29 September 1969, concerning Ewing's obituary of Littler. MS. 1p.
  • /6 Notes on Littler forwarded by J. J. Knight, 29 September 1969. Typescript. 2pp.
  • /7 Letter from Roy Cole to A. W. G. Ewing thanking him for the obituary, 17 October 1969. Typescript. 1p.
  • /8 Tribute to Littler by A. W. G. Ewing in [?] Hearing. Vol. 3. 4 November 1969. Printed. 2pp.
  • /9 Tribute to Littler by R. Hinchcliffe from the Transactions of the British Society of Audiology. Printed. n.d. 1p.
  • /10 Tribute to Littler from A. W. G. Ewing and message from Ewing to the First Conference of the British Society of Audiology [at Dundee University, July 1971]. Typescript. 2pp. With (12A) a covering letter from Ewing to Dr W. Taylor of the Society, 13 January 1971. Typescript copy. 1p.

Former reference: EA/11

Administrative / Biographical History

Thomas Simm Littler (1901-1969) was a colleague of the Ewings. He was lecturer, then senior lecturer, in acoustics in the Department of Education of the Deaf from 1937 to 1949.