Correspondence, PhD thesis

Scope and Content

Mostly concerning the review, editing and publication of Bernard Crick’s PhD thesis "The origins and conditions of the American Science of Politics". Correspondence with William Goodman, 1956-1957 (5); Professor Carl Friedrich, 1957 (2); Louis Hartz, including comments about American Politics, and also the Suez Crisis, 1956-1957 (2); and Frank Thistelwaite, 1956 (2). Letters from Dante Germino, about academic positions and family life, 1956-1957 (3); F.H Logan, about a recent lecture at the Royal Institute of International affairs, 1957; Julian Friedman, 1956 (2); Larry (unidentified) about elections in the United States and Dwight D. Ike Eisenhower, and academic positions, 1956; James Mallory, largely about Bernard Crick’s new position at LSE [London School of Economics] 1956-1957; Maurice Cowling about writing and reviewing for The Times, 1956; Don and Renee Feldman, 1956; Virginia Germino, mostly about family matters, 1956; Gordon K. Lewis, 1956; Herman Scheim, mostly about a new publishing business called Parnassus Press and the American presidential race, 1956 (2); Professor Harold Swayze about American politics, 1956; Hamish Hamilton, 1956 (2); Mel Richter, 1956; Jay Butler, 1957; and Pearl Seligman, 1957. Copies of letters to Professor Sprott, 1956; and Professor Michael Oakeshott, largely about national service, 1956. The file also includes a copy of examination paper questions for History of Political Thought, 1955; and the Journal of the UCL Labour society, 1950.