Letters: H

Scope and Content

Including correspondence with Professor William Hampton, 2004; Peter Hennessy, 2004; John Dennis Hughes [Principal Ruskin College, 1979-1989] including a paper about Ruskin College, 2002; Jim Haynes, 2001; David Hargreaves sending thanks for work on citizenship, 2001; John Hope Mason about the publication of his new book, and sending congratulations for Bernard Crick’s new year honours, 2002 (3); Cathy and Richard Henderson, 1997; Professor Barbara Hardy, including copies of her poems, 1997; Hanni, mostly about South African politics, including an account of Nelson Mandela being sworn in as President, 1992-1995 (5); Professor Eric Hobsbawn, about Bernard Crick’s cancer, 1993; Professor Emma Harris, 1992; Gerry Hassan, about Scottish Politics, 1992 (2); Professor Jacqueline Hurtley, including some comment about the general election and Margaret Thatcher [later Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven] 1986-1987 (2); Emyr Owen Humphreys, 1982 (3); Christopher Hampton, mostly about reviews of his own work, 1980-1984 (5); Agnes Heller, 1981; Richard Hoggart about editorship of the New Statesman and what changes should be made to the publication, 1978; Michael Howard about the Garrick Club, 1977 (2); Professor John Hutchinson, mostly about professional salary schedules for resident and visiting personnel at the University of Texas, USA, and also the political situation in Rhodesia [later Zambia and Zimbabwe] including copies of correspondence with other politicians, and a copy of his oral testimony in the American senate, 1975-1977 (24); Bill Hampton, 1977 (2); Corin Hughes Stanton, 1977; Edwin Wainwright, 1977 (2); Christopher Hill, 1977; Margot Heinemann, 1976; Royden Harrison, 1972-1988 (4); Nobutoshi Hagihana, 1973; Anna Hackel, 1973-1974 (3);Ted Honderich, 1974 (3); J.H Huizinga, 1970; Gordon Hutton, 1973; Ralph Horowitz, 1973; Des O’Hagan from Long Kesh internment camp Northern Ireland, 1972; Lieutenant Colonel G. Haythornthwaite, 1967 (2); and Professor Christopher Hughes, 1972.