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Scope and Content

Including drafts of verses by Bernard Crick. These include “Nantasket Beach”, 1952; "Smithville, Tennessee: Saturday afternoon", 1953; “This preposterous pig of a world" 1959; "Mrs Valarie Minogues beetle who visited her in the husband’s absence", 1960; "Easter 1960: Lines on Mrs Valarie Minogues polemic against Professor Michael Oakeshott"; "Flight" 1961; "Time changes", 1960; "Joyce and Oliver Song"; "A manner of graves", 1961; "The ballad of Chevy Chase", 1963; "Temperatures", 1967; "For Lance Beales after his eightieth birthday from Ghana" 1969; "Lust for the heart of a unicorn", 1970; "Perception"; "Snow"; "For Professor Leonard Shapiro", 1970; "Flat poem", 1982; "Semi-detached lovers"; "A Byronic apology for absent-mindedly marking a transcript book of a poetess", 1987; "Kingston 1936" in memory of Harold Benjamin Cool, known as Broad; "Waiting at the Western" 1995; and "Against the odds".