General correspondence

Scope and Content

Including correspondence with Reg Prentice MP [later Baron Prentice] about civic education and his support of the association, and specifically addressing the annual conference, 1974 (4); Michael English MP about support for the association, 1974 (2); John Slater, 1974 (2); Linda Dove, (Department of Education), about the support of the association and Nuffield Grant of £40,000 to both the association and the Hansard Society, for civic education development, 1973-1974 (2); Tom Hastie, History and Social Sciences Teachers Centre, including a copy of their newsletter GLIO, 1973; John Sutton, 1971-1974 (5); Derek Heater, 1971; and Clive Thomas with thanks for Bernard’s contribution to the association, 1994; and a copy of a letter to Ian Lister, University of York about the possibility of becoming a director of research within the association, 1973. Also including draft paper about political parties and schools, circa 1971; notes and correspondence about teaching by Dr. Eric Liggett, University of Glasgow, 1973 (11); notes about a possible periodical for the association by Richard Tames, 1972 (3); membership list, 1975; a paper entitled "The general needs of civic education"; and a copy of the Grassroots pamphlet, May 1974.