Northern Ireland Papers

Scope and Content

Including thesis papers and conference papers. Includes “Northern Ireland and the political scientist” by Edward Moxon-Browne, 1977; “Northern Ireland as a British/Irish rule” by Arhtur Green, 1983; “The Northern Ireland Problem: Basic data and terminology” by David Fennell, 1981; “Northern Ireland: an essay on political pessimism” 1980; “Violence deaths as an indicator of denominational conflict in Northern Ireland” by Magne Haugseng presented to the Political Studies Association work group on United Kingdom politics, 1980; “Legislative devolution for Northern Ireland- Economic and Political Reality” 1981; “The Sovereignty of God and the partition of Ireland” 1980; “A critical analysis of formal governmental proposals to resolve the Ulster crisis” by Eamon Exley; “The break up of the United Kingdom: the Irish experience of regime change, 1918-1949” by Peter Mair 1978; and “Territorial differentiation and party development in Northern Ireland” by Ian McAllister, 1980.