Wheatley Society/Centre for Scottish Public Policy

Scope and Content

Including details and draft papers of a submission to the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd, 1996 (4); correspondence with David Millar, 1991-1996 (20); George Foulkes MP, including a resignation letter from the advisory committee by Bernard Crick, 1992-1995 (6); and Marek (Mark) Jerzy Lazarowicz,1992 (2). Also including notes and updates from meetings, including the telematics advisory committee for a Scottish Parliament, 1992-1995; draft reports and papers including "Proportional Representation and Local Democracy"; a copy of "The future of the Wheatley Centre, a post-election analysis"; a copy of "A parliament for the millennium" 1997; notes on possible working groups or study groups; edited transcript of oral evidence given by Bernard Crick to The Scottish Constitutional Commission.