Typescript drafts of articles and speeches

Scope and Content

Comprising “The strange death of the American theory of consensus”,“The Hegelian Democracy”; “The freedom of the press”; Obituary notice of William Robson; footnotes to Machiavelli: The Discourses, 1971; “Harold Pinter’s No Man’s land” 1975; “Democracy”; “Mr Wilson’s leadership”; “Ireland”, an article for the Political Quarterly; “Waiting for Robbins”; “Basic types of political nonsense”; “Populism”; “Drug addiction”; “An appeal for the commonweal”; “Constitutional politics: is is the Scottish question or the English question?”; “Where will it end?”; “The state, the citizen and professional power”; “Political Thought and public opinion”; “Labour and rights: two contradictory views”; “Citizenship true or false: a challenge to the convention”; “The Putney debates”; “The beginnings of mass politics”; “The rise of the platform”; “Political ideas and education for policy-making in a time of social change”; “Thirteen types of political nonsense”; “The revival of political theory”“Politics and the state”; “Press and Ideologies”; “The origin of the influence of public opinion on British politics”; “Sovereignty”; “Americanism”. Also including notes for lectures at Manchester Union, 1972; resume of a talk “Politics and Planning” to the 1972 summer school of the Institute of Town and Country Planning; extracts from a summary opening address to the Liberal Summer School, Bristol University 1974 arguing the case for a Labour-Liberal coalition or liberal support for a reformed Labour Party; draft of “Politics, yesterday, today and tomorrow” speech at the tri-national 6th form conference in Leicester; summary of paper on de facto federalism and devolution in the United Kingdom; notes for a talk or article on political liberty; list of “Articles and essays 1954-1964 by Bernard Crick”; and lists of “Reviews” by Bernard Crick.

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