Orwell Publication Letters

Scope and Content

A number of letters from people who either received a copy of the book from Bernard Crick, or had recently read it. Correspondents include Jean-Jacques Courtine, about Orwells knowledge of language, 1983 (2); Professor Randall Marlin, with questions about Orwells relationships with others, 1982 (2); Howell Justin Evans, including biographical notes and tributes to his son’s own life and work,1981; Howard Whetsel, including a copy of his paper "Trouble in the Ivory Tower of Physics" 1981; Peter Everett, about Orwell’s speaking voice for BBC productions, 1981 (4); Sir Isaiah Berlin, 1980; and Lord Archibald Brockway, 1980. Other topics include psychology and biography; Orwell’s interest in philosophy and his nationality; writing and biography; and the setting up of the Orwell fund. The file also includes a poem called "Crorwell on Orwick" by Dennis J O Keefe.