Correspondence file I- M

Scope and Content

Mostly comprising correspondence with Gordon K. Lewis about academic positions in America and Puerto Rico, teaching, writing, sabbaticals, the American university system, health, funding and grants, general elections in the UK, 1959, the Suez canal crisis and the leadership of Hugh Gaitskell, and including some newspaper cuttings about Gordon Lewis’s work, 1954-1960 (24); Alfred J Junz, Hansard Society, about encouraging UK students to look at America and its political systems and history, 1958 (2); Henry A. Kissenger, mostly about articles from the Harvard publication "Confluence", 1955 (11); Hugh Manes, with an invitation to be a guest panellist at a meeting of the North Hollywood Studio City Democratic club, 1956 (4); James Mallory, mostly about academic positions at McGill University, Canada 1955-1956 (8); Professor Donald Marsh about positions at McGill University Canada, 1955 (4); a letter from the Academic Registrar informing Bernard Crick of him being conferred a Ph.D; W.A Robson, editor of Political Quarterly, about publishing an article by Gordon Lewis, 1956; Professor Harold Swayze, 1955; and a copy of a draft letter to Professor Michael Oakeshott, about possible academic positions, 1956. The file also includes a record of attendance for Bernard Crick’s teaching of political parties courses, undated.