Scope and Content

Mostly comprising invitations; memorial and funeral service cards; funeral oration notes; newsletters; obituaries; thank-you notes; cards; first-day covers of stamps; dinner menus; cuttings; travel arrangements; receipts for books and wine; drafts of speeches and essays; and wedding anniversary greetings.

Including correspondence with Professor H.N Robson (vice-chancellor of Sheffield University) in relation to an article about Bernard Crick in the student Socialist society magazine “Subversity", 1969 (2); Roy Jenkins MP sending thanks for a copy of a text, 1974; Denis Healey MP sending thanks for a copy of a lecture, 1974; David Astor about a letter to be considered for publishing in The Observer concerning voting habits for the general election, 1974; the Civil service commission about questioning of interview candidates in the Home Office research unit, 1973 (3); Shirley Williams MP [Later Baroness Williams of Crosby] sending thanks for copy of book “Political Education and Political Literacy”, 1978; Kenneth Baker MP, sending a photocopy of a the jacket of George Orwells “The Lion and the Unicorn”, 1982;Isaiah Berlin, 1989; Estelle Morris MP after her resignation as secretary of state for Education and Skills, 2002; and Lord Roger Freeman, 2003.

The file also includes school certificates 1944-5; a school report 1947; a copy of a pamphlet for Labour council election in Malden and Coombe where Bernard Crick stood as a candidate, 1959; a newspaper article about teaching at Birkbeck College, 1973; a copy of private eye, 1977; a humorous 55th birthday invitation, 1984; a photograph of Bernard Crick with the cast of a play about George Orwell, taken in the lobby of E.J Thomas performing arts hall, Akron, United States after the performance in January 1984; a short account of 1997; and a farewell address at Bernard Cricks retirement party, 2000.