Circular letters

Scope and Content

Comprises the following letters relating to the campaign for women's suffrage:

* 'Memorial Addressed by Representative Women to Members of the House of Commons' commenting on the Franchise and Registration Bill currently in Committee Stage in the House of Commons, and signed by more than 400 women, c.1913

* Copy of a letter from Sylvia Pankhurst to the Prime Minister, written on behalf of the Workers' Suffrage Federation, protesting about rumours that an imminent Bill on franchise reform is to exclude women, dated 23 May 1916

* Circular letter signed by Lord Curzon, Lord Cromer, Lady Jersey, Lady Robson and Lord Weardale on behalf of the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage, opposing the introduction of the vote for women 'before it has been submitted to the full and considered judgment of the country', dated 12 Aug 1916

* Letter from EA Mitchell-Innes of the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage, addressed to Sir Henry Norman, but possibly a circular letter to all MPs, dated 27 Feb 1917

* Compliments slip from the Secretary of the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage to Sir Henry Norman, asking him to consider the arguments in two attached circulars ('Woman Suffrage Legislation' and 'Woman, the War, and the Vote: an Anti-Suffrage Statement Upon the Present Position'), dated 19 May 1917

* Reprint (with additional material) of a letter to 'The Times' by Mary A Ward entitled 'Woman Suffrage', published 22 May 1917

* Circular letter to Members of the Liberal Women's Suffrage Union and other Supporters of Women's Suffrage signed by Eleanor Acland and FJ Heron-Maxwell, encouraging members to help ensure that the Women's Suffrage Clause is retained in the Bill currently being drafted by Mr Lloyd George's government, c. 1913