Assignment, and Reconveyance (endorsed)

Scope and Content

Assignment, 07 Jan 1872.

(i) Frances Rosamond Parker of Leamington, co. Warwick, widow.

(ii) Thomas Ithell of Upton, parish of St. Mary, co. Chester, farmer.

The mortgage contained in D/HE/75 [The properties specified in D/HE/70 (The Mold Cotton Mill, formerly used as a cotton mill but at present unoccupied, together with a weir on the river Alyn, the tail-race to the said river, closes of land called the Pool field and Mill field, twenty-two cottages at Rhydgoleu, and the canal from the millpool to the mill, all in the parish of Mold), a parcel of land being part of Mill Pool Field, parish of Mold, and a policy of life assurance for £2000].

Attached is a memorandum (09 Jan 1872) by the said Thomas Ithell that of the money paid to the said Miss Francis Rosamond Parker £100 is the money of Messrs. Helps, Birch & Co., solicitors, Chester.

Reconveyance (endorsed), 30 Jul 1873.

(i) The said Thomas Ithell.

(ii) Edwin William Philips of Rhual, near Mold, co. Flint, a Captain in the Army.

[NLW ref.382].


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