Scope and Content

Of Nehemiah Griffith of Broad Marston, near Campden, Gloucestershire.

Includes miscellaneous medical recipes, tables of the price of corn, table of butcher's meat by weight, scheme for a small library, note of dimensions of the hall at Rhual, memo on use of a telescope, journeys in South Wales and West Midlands, notes on cases heard in court and verdicts, visit to see machines for stamping currency at Warwick, journey to Rhual, visitors and activities there, return to Marston and thence to London, details of meetings and visits, second visit to Rhual in July and August, visits to Tower, Gadlis, Flint, Holywell, Pentrehobin [Pentrobin], reference to "cocking" at Mold, lease of mines of the lords of Mold, return to Marston, hay-rick fire at Broad Marston, reference to a new synagogue at the house of Marcus Moses in Crooked Friars, visit to see new paintings at Greenwich, third visit to Rhual in October, visits to Tower, Pentrehobin, reference to burial of Mr. Young of Brynyorkin, attendance at Mold fair, raffle for a pound of coffee, return to Marston.

[NLW ref.532].


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