Journal kept by Capt. Edwin Griffith

Scope and Content

15th Light Dragoons, whilst serving in Spain.

Brief details of voyage from Spithead to Corunna, description of that town, visit to the theatre where he saw a fandango danced, description of Betanzos where he was billeted with a barber for a night, comments on dirty and wretched living conditions of the people, recipe for Spanish soup, description of the city of Lugo, comments on military strategy, march to Astorza by way of Villa Franca, description of Ponteferrada, general inhospitable attitude of the people, Lord Paget's plan for the cavalry only to try to join Sir John Moore at Salamanca because the French were nearer than expected, difficulties of fatigue and cold when marching by night, description of Zamora, change of tactics to avert French attention to the North, march to Toro and welcome there, cynical reference to 'bravery' and 'heroism' of the Spaniards, engagement with the French at Salagan, capture of papers of General Debelle and gold and silver bars, rapid retreat then necessary to prevent Buonapart from cutting communications from the rear, engagement with General Le Febre at the River Izlar, when the latter was captured, miserableness of the 'Spanish Army' when finally encountered.

[NLW ref.539].


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