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Is[aac] Chauncy to Thomas Edwards, esq, (Rhual): a gentleman called on him in his absence to discuss the recipient's manuscripts, but he has not seen him since; a worthy person asked him with great concern if it was true that the recipient had turned Anabaptist - 'I told him I heard no such thing, and if he heard so (as he said he did) I hoped it was not true, and the rather i said becaus that I thought if he had had any scruples of that nature lying vpon him he would have acquainted me with them. I pray Sr. be so kind as to lett mee know whether this report be true or a foul slander raised vpon you by or. Neonom: who I am confident will greatly rejoice if it be so...St. L. charged Mr. W with contradict: to Dr. Bates and Mr. Alsop to which I hear of no reply yet...'; the recipient's papers cannot be printed unless they are contracted.

[NLW ref.79].


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